From Agitation to Proposition

I am going to propose something over the next few weeks. I am not sure how best to do this,… and it matters to me, so I am nervous.

When I write blog posts, tweets, etc, I think about the likely interested reader and try to write for them.

But this is not about my readers getting interested. I want to do something in my local community and I need lots of support.

This proposal is going to impact almost all the people I know in some way – family, friends, neighbours, the local community, my PLN, and my business contacts.

I am sure that some people are going to think I am mad, bad, or just stupid.

I want to do this properly, but I also have to earn money while I do this and live alongside my neighbours, so I am going to have to find new (more diplomatic!) ways of working.

This proposal is also prompted by a couple of major motivations:

Being part of Purpos/ed – where we have been inspired to ask what the point of education is – I wanted to take it further.

I want to move from Purpos/ed to Chang/ed

I will make mistakes

It might not work

I will need help – maybe from you

I hope to learn a lot on the way

I will try to share as much of the journey as I can

I am doing this mainly because I have had enough of talking about doing something useful and stop being afraid of just doing it.

So,.., wish me luck.

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3 Responses to From Agitation to Proposition

  1. Ruth says:

    Doubt if I can help (if I can I will) but I’m sure whatever you do it will be successful so my fingers are crossed for you – go for it and good luck!

  2. Doug Belshaw says:

    Sounds great, Eylan! Shout if you need a hand. 🙂

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